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5 Reasons to Visit Museum D’Orsay

Paris is a beautiful city, thronged by millions of tourists and travelers every year.

The place is full of beautiful experiences that make for a perfect holiday! Numerous historically significant sites, delectable food and wine, adventure, shopping and so much more… Paris offers it all! There are several museums in Paris: each unique and significant! The museum cultural in Paris is very strong and a visit to Paris is incomplete without ‘Museum Hopping’.

The Museum D’Orsay is one such gem of a museum that is an absolute must-see for every traveller in Paris. It is a museum dedicated to impressionism. The building in itself is a masterpiece and housed within are sone of the most particular pieces of art you will ever see! It is home to some of finest works by French and European artists from the 19th and early 20th centuries.

5 reasons that make Museum D’Orsay a must see:

  • Paintings

The Museum houses some of the most beautiful and fascinating paintings by artists from the 19th and early 20th century. Whether you have an eye for art or not, each painting has the power to hold your interest. The paintings represent different and varying subjects, some that were horrifying in those times and some that depict life back then. The surreal use of colours mixed with detailed depiction of objects and people, make these paintings breathtakingly beautiful!

  • Sculptures and Artefacts 

There are numerous sculptures and artefacts by famous artists housed within the museum. These are made using a variety of materials and styles. The sculptures and artefacts have significance in history or social settings of their time. Some of the sculptures are so beautiful and life that one cannot marvel at the artists amazing work.

  • History of Orsay

Orsay was originally a train station and the museum building has gone through many changes. The building and the history behind it are a fascinating element that add to the charm of the place.

  • Impressionism

Impressionism is an age of some of the most beautiful art and art forms that we see today. Art, literature or theatre, the impressionism age has significant elements that draw one’s attention.

  • Architecture

The museum building is fascinating and displays impeccable architecture. A visit to the museum becomes beautiful from the very first moment you lay your eyes on the building. An architectural wonder-inside and out!

Paris is a must on every travellers list and the Museum D’Orsay must be on the itinerary too! When traveling to Paris, taking French lessons may be an added value to your experience. Knowing the local language always helps in understanding things better, easier to travel around the city and one can also read and understand the local fervor better. Check our Online Course for travellers now HERE !

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