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Major Traits of Growth Mindset for Better Learning & Success

Efforts as the path to excellence
Embracing challenges
Persisting in the face of setbacks
Desire to learn
Learning from criticism
Make learning as an everyday habit

Why some people reach their potential while other people who are more talented. but don’t?

Right mindset to learn always something new.

Research has shown that the people who find success have a growth mindset and have the right mindset to learn always something new.

A fixed mindset is when people believe their basic qualities, their intelligence, their talents. their abilities are jest fixed traits they have a certain amount and that’s that.But successful people have a growth mindset and they believe that even basic talents and abilities can be developed over time through learning. experience. mentorship. and so on.

The Right Mindset for growth & success is utmost important

The people with fixed mindset are always fearful of venturing out of their comfort zone and they dont; take the risks or develop the abilities they’re capable of”

In a growth mindset to learn challenges are exciting rather than threatening . in a growth mindset you’re focused on the process, the process that you engage in to bring about your successes, and the processes you engaged inthat may have created your failures but you can learn from them and do better the next time.