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How to deal with un, une, des in French ?

Je mange une tarte et je bois un café avec des amies.

If you want to know more about the French indefinite articles  go through this French lesson and you will know how to speak French properly.

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Do you want to learn how to deal with un, une, des in French. There is No need to attend a French class to understand the French indefinite articles!

It’s very simple!! French articles are necessary to determine the gender of the noun. You cannot make a sentence without an article or a noun.

Un café très chaud.

The noun café needs the article to fit with the sentence.

The French indefinite article (un, une, des in French)  is used with a noun referring to an unspecified item, or to a specific item when the speaker and audience both do not know what the item is.

In English there are three kinds of singular articles «a,” “an,” or “one”.

In French there are only two.

Un for the masculine noun.

Une for the feminine noun.

The plural “some” in English corresponds to “des.” In French.

Des   m or f plural

Note that the plural indefinite article is the same for all nouns, whereas the singular has different forms for masculine and feminine.

Learning French & un, une, des in French is easy! Test yourself by doing this simply test.

What you should put in front of these nouns?

Bicyclette                                           une

Ordinateurs                                       des

Pain au chocolat                              un

Leçon de français                            une

Joueur de foot                                  un

Parties de tennis                              des


Caution !

In a negative sentence, the indefinite article changes to de or d’ in front of a vowel.

Il mange un pain au chocolat.

Il ne mange pas de pain au chocolat. (negative sentence with ne …pas)

Il mange un artichaut (artichoke).

Il ne mange pas d’artichaut.


Once again do the test!

DE or D’

Il ne boit pas … café.                       De       He doesn’t drink coffee.

Ils ne partent pas …. Paris             De       They do not leave from Paris.

Le client n’a pas … argent.            D’        The customer does not have cash.

Pierre n’a pas … amis.                    D’        Pierre does not have friends.


When referring to a person’s profession or religion, the indefinite is not used in French, although it is used in English.

Je suis professeure de français.

I am a french teacher.

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