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French Grammar Course

Learn all the major French tenses easily and quickly!


Amelie Hurford


Course Overview

Learn all the major French tenses easily and quickly! Grammar has never been more entertaining to learn! French conjugation is much more complicated than the English one, but is important to grasp if you want to build meaningful sentences. French grammar should not be painful to learn!

Through French Lessons Australia result-based methods and clear explanations, French major tenses will not have anymore secrets for you! No need to memorize old tenses that no one is using anymore (not even the French people), we teach you only the ones that you will actually use or see. So jump into French grammar and have fun with our games, quizzes, and level tests!



Program Benefits

  • Flexibility for industry professionals looking to develop new skills

  • Course curriculum taught and designed by industry professionals

  • Teaching process is up to date on the current industry

  • Approved for second career candidates with experience

  • Manage work, family and study in a flexible schedule

  • Expand your career possibilities by learning new skills

  • Bring your ideas to life

Syllabus & Curriculum

Level 0 – Introduction
  • What is a verb?
  • What is a person?
  • What is a subject?
  • What is French conjugation?
Level 1 – Vocabulary of the verbs
  • Verbs finishing in -ER
  • Verbs finishing in -IR
  • Verbs finishing in -RE
  • Important irregular ones
  • Revision test
Level 2 – Present
  • Reminders
  • Regular verbs
  • Irregular verbs
  • Revision test
Level 3 – Imperative
  • Affirmative imperative
  • Negative imperative
  • Reflexive verbs
  • Revision test
Level 4 – Passe compose
  • When to use it
  • How to use it (with the auxiliaries)
  • The most common irregular past participles
  • Regular participles
  • Revision test
Level 5 – Imperfect
  • When to use it
  • One model to rule them all
  • Spelling changes
  • Revision test
Level 6 – Past tenses revision
  • Revision of levels 4-5
  • Passe compose and Imperfect
  • Games
Level 7 – Past simple
  • The literary French past tense
  • How to conjugate it?
  • Revision test
Level 8 – Future
  • The immediate future
  • The future simple and its main verbs
  • Verbs finishing in -ER, -IR, and -RE
  • Revision test
Level 9 – 5 Most useful verbs
  • 5 major French verbs
  • Etre, Avoir, Faire, Aller, Dire
  • Revision test
Level 10 – Major revision of tenses
  • Major tenses revision
  • Levels 1-9 revision
  • Games