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    Bonjour! I am Amelie Delmotte. I’m the Director of French Lessons Australia,a language school specializing in helping business, travelling professionals to learn French in BrisbaneBonjour! I am Amelie Delmotte. I’m the Director of French Lessons Australia,a language school specializing in helping business, travelling professionals to learn French in Brisbane

    I’m originally from Paris, France; which makes me a Parisienne! And who better to learn French in Brisbane from than a native? No one!

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    Amelie is the CEO of French Lessons Australia. She was Born in Paris, and grew up in France, before leaving to England in her early twenties

    Why learn French Classes With Amelie Delmotte?

    I have more than 15 years’ experience of teaching French Classes Brisbane, from preschoolers to adults.

    Furthermore, my passion for language stems back to my early years as an exchange student in England, America, Ireland, and Spain. So helping others learn how to speak French is part and parcel of my life!

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    How does a buttery alternative to a structured class sound to you? Register for our Conversation class, and enjoy flowing French conversations! Our Conversation class is a great casual way to immerse yourself in the French language while surrounded by new friends. French resources  included. 

    What to improve your spoken French and how much you understand?

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    Affordable French tutoring – Lessons tailored to your needs

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    Learning French through a professional and results-based approach, without leaving your home is now possible with our Video Tutorials

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    What our student’s have to say about us

    Amelie is a highly skilled and experienced professional French Language Teacher.Amelie structures learning programs to meet the needs of her students and because she listens is able to adapt her approach as necessary to ensure students gain the specific results they desire.Amelie is honest and sincere and always willing to listen.Amelie is results orientated and passionate about what she does which is motivating to the student results orientated and passionate about what she does which is motivating to the student – the learning is fun (even the hard bits!) I certainly recommend Amelie to anyone wishing to learn French and about France and French culture.

    Brenton Hawtins
    Aerospace Business Analyst

    Amelie has been teaching me French for a few weeks now, and I have to say that she makes it easy for me to understand French and I enjoy learning it with the small group, practicing, speaking correctly the way a local French would speak.

    Mario Echin

    I started French Lessons with Amelie late in 2012 because I was keen to expand my interests and activities. In that time I have had a lot of fun, learnt a great deal, and expanded my broader interest in all things French. Amelie is an inspiring and innovative teacher who enthusiastically engages with her students both within and beyond the classroom.

    Rose Kelly

    Amelie has been a fantastic and persistent teacher. She brings a certain joy to her work that sets one at ease. Amelie quickly adapts her style and pace to the student.Never asking more from the student than they can provide; yet teasing out improvements and breakthroughs each lesson with her creative approach to learning.Being a native speaker of French and a traveler of the world, Amelie understands the frustrations of learning a new language and teaches practical language skills with real examples which give one genuine confidence . Amelie is a dedicated professional and skilled teacher whom I highly recommend.

    Leon Traves

    I have been learning French with Amelie for three months now in preparation for a holiday in France.I have loved my french online classes every week.Amelie makes me feel relaxed as soon as I walk in the door and we chat away all the while learning French. She gives me lessons that are appropriate, yet challenging to my level of French. Amelie is bright happy and funny teacher and most of all I love going to my classes and feel my French has definitely improved.. ?

    Catlin Jopson

    Amelie is a great French teacher with patience and humor. Our small group of beginners French Classes has enjoyed the learning experience tremendously. The availability of online learning has been important for our group with varying schedules and travel commitments, and Amelie has been flexible to enable us to find convenient times for our lesson on those occasions where we couldn’t make the scheduled time.Overall a great experience and highly recommended.

    Mark G.

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