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What are Interrogative Pronouns?

How to ask question about the identity of a person or an object

Lequel? What does that mean?

Did you know that Lequel has to agree in gender and number, and as a result, there are several forms of Interrogative Pronouns?

Do you know how to use interrogative pronouns in French? And what are they?

Lequel, which usually means which, is one of the most difficult French pronouns.

But with a clear French lesson, we can make it easy for you.

The French interrogative pronouns

How can we use interrogative pronouns to speak and write French properly?

Follow this free French lesson and you will discover all about French interrogative pronouns.

Interrogative pronouns can be either simple – qui que quoi or compound – lequel laquelle lesquelles and so on.

Lequel is an interrogative pronoun as well as qui que quoi.

It has to agree in gender and number with the noun it replaces.

Take a look at the simple table :

The most common interrogative pronouns are qui (for people) and que (for everything else).

Singular Plural Indefinite
Masculine lequel lesquels; qui, que, quoi
Feminine laquelle lesquelles

Here are a few examples;

“Qui ?” means “Who ?” Is most of the time masculine singular, and applies only to people.

  • Qui est là ? Who’s here ?

“Que ?” Is neutral, it means What.

  • Que fais-tu ? What are you doing?

“Quoi ?” Is usually neutral and singular. It is employed with a preposition such as à or de.

  • A quoi penses-tu? What are you thinking about?
  • De quoi parles-tu? What are you talking about?

“Lequel ?”

Lequel can replace quel + noun.

The interrogative pronoun Lequel means Which. It represents one or more people or things already refered to immediately after the pronoun.

It involves a choice between several members of a group (people or things). Lequel agrees in gender and number with the name that replaces.

Singular Plural
Masculine Lequel chantera ce soir ?

Which one will sing tonight?

Lesquels sont Australiens parmi vous ?

Which ones are Australians among you?

Feminine Laquelle de vous est Laura ?

Which one of you is Laura?

Lesquelles de vos filles jouent du piano ?

Which ones of your daughters play the piano?

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