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Learn French with Fitness Vocabulary

The French word for fitness is Aptitude. French always stay fit and healthy, as  they do Exercise for pleasure, do Healthy relaxation and there is No age limit ever to learn anything new.


This is a country where on one corner, you find a boulangerie with mouth-watering pastries, and on the next, a café where Parisians linger for hours. It’s a place known for rich desserts, baguettes made from refined flour, foie gras, fatty meats, and wine. Yet most inhabitants seem to have little trouble maintaining a healthy weight.

“French women refuse to accept being overweight”

We know how hard it can be to do workout,  when you are learning French.  It’s tricky how words can fail you when you try to tell your personal trainer to “turn off the treadmill.” So, to make your regular visits to the gym that little bit easier we’ve pulled together a few choice words and phrases. Enjoy French Lessons Australia’s vocabulary for workout.


  • The body – le corps
  • Flat stomach – un ventre plat
  • Health – la santé
  • Lose weight – perdre du poids
  • Shape – la forme
  • Figure – la silhouette
  • Slimming – minceur
  • Tone up – tonifier
  • Classes – les cours
  • Bums and tums – les abdos-fessiers
  • Personal training – les cours particuliers
  • Dance – la danse
  • Swimming – la notation
  • Weights area – la salle de musculation
  • Weight bench – un banc de musculation
  • Weights – les haltères
  • Cardio theatre – la salle cardio

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