French for Travellers in Brisbane

Our French Travel Course is designed for people like you, who are planning to travel in French-speaking countries

French Course for Travellers is a designed for people in Brisbane like you who are planning to travel in French-speaking countries. The language barrier can seem difficult to overcome and there is nothing better than exploring a new country being full aware of its culture and language. After English, French is the language spoken in the bigger number of countries around the world, and therefore, gives you opportunities while travelling but also in your career or at school.

France is amazing, but is far from being the sole French-speaking country! Canada, Switzerland, Morocco, Tahiti or French Polynesia are all examples of French-speaking countries with natural beauties, outstanding culture and impressive man-made buildings.

French lessons for Travellers

The French Language is Amazing

You can decide the way you want to learn our French lessons for Travellers:

Our French school is located in Wooloowin, Brisbane. Fully equiped classroom for a great teaching experience

Online course also available. Including video tutorials and revision tests

Meet our teachers
Socialise with the other students
Learn interactively and enjoy face-to-face support

Learn from your home whenever you prefer
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