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French Course for Travellers

Learn all the major French tenses easily and quickly!

Amelie Hurford


Course Overview

Travelling in a French-speaking country is a must-do, whether it is for its culture, food, people, monuments or landscapes. It might be a little stressing when you don’t know the basics of the language, this is why at French Lessons Australia, we spare you the travelling anxiety and offer you this Online Course for Travellers. You will learn all the basics you need to know abroad: from the booking of a room to the ordering of food in a restaurant. Asking for directions will never be a cause of stress anymore!

Thanks to this online course, you can even learn travel key sentences from your tablet or laptop, whenever you have time for it. Check about some extra vocabulary while you stand at the top of the Eiffel Tower or quickly look at how to order a drink in a Quebec bar! Enjoy the most of your trip in a French-speaking country and jump into a hassle-free experience!

French Course for Travellers is a designed for people in Brisbane like you who are planning to travel in French-speaking countries. The language barrier can seem difficult to overcome and there is nothing better than exploring a new country being full aware of its culture and language. After English, French is the language spoken in the bigger number of countries around the world, and therefore, gives you opportunities while travelling but also in your career or at school.

France is amazing, but is far from being the sole French-speaking country! Canada, Switzerland, Morocco, Tahiti or French Polynesia are all examples of French-speaking countries with natural beauties, outstanding culture and impressive man-made buildings.

Program Benefits

  • Flexibility for industry professionals looking to develop new skills

  • Course curriculum taught and designed by industry professionals

  • Teaching process is up to date on the current industry

  • Approved for second career candidates with experience

  • Manage work, family and study in a flexible schedule

  • Expand your career possibilities by learning new skills

  • Bring your ideas to life

Syllabus & Curriculum

Level 1 – Greetings in a French-speaking country
  • French greetings
  • Numbers 0-10
Level 2 – Talk about nationalities
  • Give your nationality
  • Talk about countries
  • Numbers 10-20
Level 3 – Family and friends
  • Introduce your family and friends to a French person
  • Ask about family members
  • Numbers 20-69
Level 4 – Having a drink
  • Order a drink in a cafe
  • Numbers 70-100
Level 5 – At the grocery
  • Food: fruits and vegetables
  • Learn about all the different places to buy food in France
  • Ask about the price
Level 6 – Buying souvenirs
  • Shop for souvenirs
  • Buy gifts and clothes
  • Learn the colours
Level 7 – Booking a room in a hotel
  • Book a room (when-with who-type of room)
  • Learn to spell your name
Level 8 – Asking for directions
  • Ask for your way towards a specific place
  • Say that you’re lost
  • Understand basic directions
Level 9 – Opening hours and enquiries
  • Ask about opening hours
  • Make enquiries
  • Learn about monuments and important spots to visit