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Amelie Hurford

Amelie is the CEO of French Lessons Australia. She was Born in Paris, and grew up in France, before leaving to England in her early twenties. Her passion for languages never quitted her: Amelie undertook multiple language exchanges in Spain, America or Ireland, and also decided to make it part of her academic life as she completed a Bachelor of Applied Linguistic at the University of Paris and a Languages program at the not less renowned University of Cambridge.

When Amelie moved in Australia, she was well aware of the struggle to learn a language at school. Topic taught in class are too often not relevant to daily life, resulting in the student’s feeling of being lost, bored and not motivated by his learning. Familiar with these issues inherent to most language schools, Amelie founded French Lessons Australia, with the aim to teach an easy method of learning French, accessible to anyone and, above all, providing the student with knowledge that he will actually be able to really exploit outside of the school! No need to memorise a whole list of irregular verbs and complicated grammar rules if all you want is being able to casually speak in French! By placing her students in various interactive situations, they are immersed in a real French environment during the time of the lessons rather than simply sitting behind a desk while the professor speaks.

Learning new languages is a must-do nowadays: with the ongoing increasing global exchanges, the more you know, the best it is! Because learning French is therefore more and more relevant, Amelie expanded French Lessons Australia in Brisbane, Sydney, but also online. With the creation of new online courses and material, she hopes her method of teaching to become even more accessible to anyone willing to learn French. Result-oriented and attractive, the courses designed by herself and in collaboration with other native French teachers working for French Lessons Australia, are dynamic, fun and conceived to make the student efficiently progresses at his own pace.