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Interrogative Adverbs

How to ask questions in French with interrogative adverbs?

Are you asking yourself how to ask specific questions such as When Why Where What how many or How much in French Language?

If so, you’re at the right place. French

Lesson Australia will give you all the keys to find out about on the interrogative adverbs.

How to ask questions with Interrogative adverbs?

Asking different kinds of questions will help you manage every kind of day-to-day interactions in French. You need to ask questions in order to find out what’s going on!

Interrogative adverbs are used to ask for new information or facts.

In everyday life, there are 5 (only!!) interrogative adverbs whereas there are 7 in English. You see! French is easy. Let’s learn French now.

French interrogative adverbs are:

• combien (de) – how many/much

• comment – how, what

• où – where

• pourquoi – why

• quand – when

In English, we use helping words like DO / DOES or AM / IS / ARE when asking questions.

In French, this is not necessary because it’s implied in the question.



Combien de personnes as-tu invitées à ton anniversaire ?

Combien de personnes est-ce que tu as invitées à ton anniversaire

How many people have you invited to your birthday party?

Note: When following by a noun Combien requires preposition “de”


Comment t’appelles-tu ?

Comment est-ce que tu t’appelles ?

What’s your name ?

In certain sentences; Comment means How.

Comment vas-tu ?

Comment est-ce que tu vas ?

How are you?

Où habites-tu ?

Où est-ce que tu habites ?

Where do you live ?

Sometimes the preposition de is required in front of the interrogative adverb où. They should not appear at the end of the sentence!

D’où vient ce chien?

D’où est-ce que ce chien vient ?

From where does this dog come ?

(Where does this dog come from ?)


Pourquoi pleurez-vous ?

Pourquoi est-ce que vous pleurez ?

Why are you crying?

If you want to answer this question you have to use Parce que (because)

Parce que je suis tombée

Because I fell down.


Quand part le train ?

Quand est-ce que le train part ?

When does the train leave?

Good to know! Interrogative adverbs are invariable!

Now; you’re ready to speak French and ask questions!

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