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5 advantages for taking French Online courses

Learning French through a professional and results-based approach, without leaving your home is now possible with French Lessons Australia;


French Online courses!


The French online courses is now officially launched!



Why taking an online course? One of the main advantage is the flexibility: you can progress in your course at the day and time you want, whenever suits you the best. No need to rush after work to come at your weekly evening class and no need to cancel a brunch with your friends on Saturday to come learning French.
Now YOU decide what time is the best for you today or tomorrow, and at the location you want. All you need is a computer/tablet and an internet connection: at your desk, on your sofa with a glass of (French) wine, or even in the public transport before going to work. More flexibility and less obligations, this is how the Online Course works.


At your own pace

With the Online Course, learning French is at your own pace. Troubles with grammar but facilities with telling time? You decide how much time you spend on a thematic and how fast you want to learn. Planning to go in France and grammar is not essential for your goals? Not a problem, you are the only one choosing how to manage your time and your interests in learning Moliere’s language.
With the Online Course, you are the one deciding what you want to learn in French and in how much time.


Improve French in a fun and easy way

Through a diversified media content including funny videos and continuously updated posts, we make sure that your experience learning French is easy, fun, and fast. We want you to make real progress at your rythm and in a relaxed environment. Forget about the big boring French theory books, we are here to make you love what you’re learning.


Develop your brain

It is now scientifically proved: learning a new language has a lot of benefits on your health and on your brain. Bilingual people develop dementia and Alzheimer 5 year later in life and they enjoy a better memory on the short and long-term. But that’s not all, learning a foreign language like French has impacts on your daily life. Studies show that people speaking more than one language deal better with unforeseen events, are more prompt to change, and take more rational decisions.
By improving multi-tasking, academic and working performance, and mental health, learning French is going to be an essential moment in your life!
The Online course, by stimulating your brain with all a range of learning material will develop your cognitive capacities as well as your passion for French.


Travel in French-speaking countries

More than 30 countries speak French as official or second language: France of course, but also Canada, a lot of African countries, and many paradisiac islands such as Seychelles, Mauritius or French Polynesia… After English, French is the language spoken in the bigger number of countries around the world, and therefore, gives you opportunities while travelling but also in your career or at school.
The Online Course will provide you with several thematics you can use in daily life, in order for you to be able to travel and surf on the French wave.
If you’re an independent and motivated person willing to learn French at your own pace and time, come to have a look at French Lessons Australia with our Online Course and see the different options we can offer you!
Don’t say ‘tomorrow’ when you can say “today’!

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