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French Grammar

How to Unlock your French?

If you are one of many learners struggling with spoken French, you might wonder what you’re doing wrong and as a beginner, you wonder how to understand grammar and how to Unlock your French?

You might feel like the trouble you’re having is all your fault, or assume you’re just not any good at languages.

After years of learning myself I have found success by following 5 simple steps.

This free lesson gives you an understanding and appreciation of French grammar and verb conjugation that will be valuable for you for a lifetime.

Take a look inside this French class and discover these 5 tools to unlock your French.

Our training will increase your potential of speaking French and improve your understanding of French grammar and conjugation.

How to unlock your French and learn how to speak like a native!

Whether you are just a beginner, or someone who has spent a number of years learning French, it is important to keep your language skills well shaped, and to find ways to improve these skills as often as possible.

And you can follow these steps to advancing your knowledge of French.

1. Vocabulary

Words, words, words!

Language is made up of words, and French is not an exception.

To improve your French vocabulary follow these three steps

  • • Keep words in mind! write down all the new words you have learnt on your smartphone or Ipad or use the old-fashioned method, a small notebook with a pen.
  • • One word-a-day! Follow us on Facebook and learn one word-a-day.
  • • Use the fridge! Paste your word of the day on your fridge and keep it there for a week. It will help memorisation.

2. Grammar

Grammar offers us rules and structure that makes describing the world around us so much easier. It is one of the most terrifying aspects of the French language. It seems that it’s the reason why many learners give up. But it doesn’t have to be that way. French grammar isn’t that complicated.

All you need is to start the right way and follow a few important rules.

I. Nouns

All French nouns have a gender! Masculine and feminine. This applies even for words that are inanimate.


In French sentences, the article of the word is mentioned all the time. Articles change depending on the gender of the word. To make a correct sentence the articles will need to match word genders.

Un chat (a cat) une chaise (une table) une entreprise (a firm)

II. Verbs

If you’re a new French learner, there are two mandatory verbs you’ll have to use from the first day. They are avoir (to have) and être (to be) which are both irregular verbs.

“Conjugation”, describes the way that a verb changes to reflect who the subject is in any sentence.

Conjugation is what is behind the change from “I do” to “he does” in English, so again the concept’s not actually a French thing. It happens in most European languages.

To unlock your French you just have to practice and learn the most common verbs.

III. Pronouns

A pronoun is the word that represents something unnamed in a sentence.

Pronouns are used to make in a sentence to avoid repeating the subject.

To start your French journey grammar, you must know these subject pronouns.

3. Conjugation

In the life of all language learners, there comes a time when you just can’t hide.


You have to look things in the eye, take a deep breath and face it :

The verb tables!

In French there are three different groups which keep repeating the same endings and reliably change in the same way.

To learn online your verbs table you can use the Bescherelle or this link


A handy solution is to download the fabulous online App Bescherelle App for Iphone or Android.

4. Pronunciation

Good pronunciation help ensure that you are easily understood.

Ways to improve your pronunciation include:

  • • Listen to a native French speaker, listening radio, music or movies every day, even for 5 minutes only.
  • • Practice as much as you can with your teacher (a native French Teacher).

5. Stay connected

Finally, how to Unlock your French? & in order to learn a language if you need to practice!

So, Surround yourself with French.

  • • Listen to the French radio using podcast!
  • • Watch French movies using streaming!
  • • Sing French song with lyrics using YouTube!
  • • Listen to or read an easy French audiobook

Stay connected and speak French.

Find a good conversational partner to speak with or if you do not have any French friend Enroll to practice your French and join us at French lessons Australia.