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How to be more confident with French Homophones?

Are you asking yourself if you are the only one to get confused with some words in French language?

Have you ever said a few lines of nonsense or replied to someone with something that sounded crazy?

No big deal in the long run, but these situations can be avoided you just need to learn your French homophones!

French Homophones are words that have the same pronunciation but different meanings and, sometimes, spellings.

Therefore, speaking the language out of context could be a nightmare.

Sometimes intonations help but, the context is of utmost importance.

French Lessons Australia can help you to be more confident with French vocabulary.

By following this free French class, you will to be able to understand words in context,and to understand the difference between the most common French homophones.

1. How to be more confident with French Homophones?

Our online French lesson will help you with Homophones.

Many errors are made to the confusion of words that sound similar but do not have the same meaning.

These words are called homophones.

They are pronounced in the same way but they have neither the same meaning nor the same spelling.

While some say that is just the fun of the French language, we’re going to greatly reduce your chance of getting into those embarrassing situations by going over some common and confusing homophones right now. To speak French more fluently discover the list below.

We list here the most common homophones in alphabetical order:

Homophones aren’t something to stress over, especially since we just went through most of the major ones. Keep them in a notebook and if you want to practice, just enrol now in one of our wonderful French active class.

At French Lessons Australia it is not just about learning French in classroom it’s also about fun and entertainment!

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