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French Vocab Most Common Verbs

What are the most important things when you start learning a language?

Let your French learning journey begin with this Vocabulary unit. What are the most common verbs in French ? You need vocabulary to express clearly your ideas and opinions. And you also need verbs. Verbs are very important to learn in every language.

You may ask what are the most used verbs in French?

There are plenty verbs in French!

Not even a native French speaker knows all the verbs in French so there is no need to know all of them. But You must start to memorise some of the simple verbs.

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What are the most commonly used verbs in French?

The bad reputation of the French conjugation is largely undeserved!

It is true that there are a large number of the forms.

But it is the same in many languages. Moreover, most of these forms are predictable.

For example to make the past compound forms it is sufficient to have the following three pieces of information in order to form them correctly:

The form of the past participle of the verb; the auxiliary used and the conjugation of these two auxiliaries.

Today in this French learning we are going to develop the most common verbs in French

The 50 most used verbs in French

In English

In French

To be: I am a teacher
Être: Je suis professeure.
To have: I have a lot of students
Avoir; J’ai beaucoup d’étudiants.
To Make: I make effort
Faire : Je fais des efforts.
To do: What are you doing?
Faire : Que fais-tu ?
To tell: I have to tell you something.
Dire : Je dois vous dire quelque chose.
To say: You said something interesting to me
Dire : Tu m’as dit quelque chose d’intéressant.
To can: I can speak French.
Pouvoir : Je peux parler Français.
To go: I go to the night club tonight.
Aller : Je vais en boite ce soir.
To see: I see what you mean
Voir : Je vois ce que tu veux dire.
To know: Who knows?
Savoir: Qui sait?
To want: I want an apple.
Vouloir : Je veux une pomme.
To come: Come to me.
Venir : Viens vers moi.
To put: Put this on the table please.
Mettre : Mets ça sur la table, s’il te plait.
To give: Give me the book.
Donner : Donne-moi le livre.
To take: I will take the bus.
Prendre : Je vais prendre le bus.
To have To: You have To stop smoking.
Falloir : Il faut arrêter de fumer !
To give back: He gave me my cash back.
Rendre : Il m’a rendu ma monnaie.
To understand: I do not understand.
Comprendre : Je ne comprends pas.
To stay: I stayed there for three months.
Rester : Je suis restée là trois mois.
To hold: The baby holds his toy.
Tenir : Le bébé tient son jouet.
To speak: I speak French.
Parler : Je parle Français.
To show: Let me show you something.
Montrer : Laisse-moi te montrer quelque chose.
To think: I think of you.
Penser : Je pense à toi.
To follow: Follow me.
Suivre : suivez-moi.
To believe: Believe me it’s true!
Croire : Crois-moi c’est vrai !
To Begin: Let the show begins!
Commencer : Que le spectacle commence!
To hear : I heard a bear !
Entendre : J’ai entendu un ours !
To wait : I am waiting for the bus.
Attendre: J’attends le bus.
To call : I called him yesterday.
Appeler : Je l’ai appelé hier.
To allow : It is not allowed.
Permettre : Ce n’est pas permis!
To become : It is becoming difficult.
Devenir : Ca devient difficile.
To leave : He leaves tomorrow.
Partir : Il part demain.
To seem : He seems happy.
Sembler : Il semble heureux.
To answer : I answer the phone.
Répondre : Je réponds au téléphone.
To live : I live in Brisbane.
Vivre : Je vis à Brisbane.
To play : I play piano.
Jouer : Je joue du Piano.
To choose : Choose a subject.
Choisir : Choisis un sujet.
To like / love : I like pink !
Aimer : J’aime le rose.
To lose : I lost my dog.
Perdre : J’ai perdu mon chien.
To open : Open the door.
Ouvrir : Ouvre la porte.
To read : I read it
Lire : Je l’ai lu !
To try : You have to try this dress !
Essayer Tu dois essayer cette robe.
To learn : I am learning French.
Apprendre J’apprends le Français.
To teach : I teach French.
Enseigner : J’enseigne le Français.
To go out : I went out yesterday.
Sortir : Je suis sortie hier.
To get : I got an A in my test.
Obtenir : J’ai obtenu un A à mon examen.
To look for : I am looking for a job.
Chercher : Je cherche un emploi.
To bring : I will bring the wine.
Apporter : J’apporterai le vin.
To use : I use skype to teach.
Utiliser : J’utilise Skype pour enseigner.
To write : I am writing a letter.
Ecrire : J’écris une lettre.

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