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French Grammar

All about the French verb Falloir to be necessary

Do you know how to say “it’s necessary to” in French? Falloir ? It’s easy and it’s here

Do you need to learn this (Falloir)?

It’s totally necessary to understand what “Il faut” is in the French Language.

If you have been to France before or if you know some French friends, you have probably heard these two words over and over again.

Il faut aller faire des courses

We have to go shopping!

Il faut t’habiller chaudement

You must dress warmly.

Il faut faire tes devoirs !

You have to do your homework !

Il faut means a necessity, an obligation. It also can be used to express directions or orders.

Do you know how to say “it’s necessary to” (Falloir) in French?

Learning French can be tricky but we, at French Lessons Australia are here to help. With this simply online and totally free lesson, you will understand easily how to use the French verb Falloir.

Falloir is an irregular French verb, and it means to need, to be necessary to.

It’s one of the easiest verbs as it is an impersonal one.

It means it has only one conjugation in each tense and mood. Easy! ?

Our today’s French lesson allows you to learn French faster.

Let’s get our feet wet!

Falloir has just one conjugation in each tense and mood. The third person singular which may be followed by either an infinitive or a noun or a subjunctive.

  • To express something mandatory, to make strong suggestions, to give directions we use Falloir followed by an infinitive verb.

Il faut faire tes devoirs tous les jours !

You have to do your homework every day.

Il faut préparer tes affaires le soir, si tu ne veux pas être en retard le matin.

You must prepare your things in the evening, if you do not want to be late in the morning.

Il faut prendre à gauche après le magasin.

You have to take a left after the shop.

Il Faut + Infinitive

  • To express something more personal or if you want to make a recommendation to someone in particular you have to use Falloir followed by subjunctive.

Il faut que tu fasses tes devoirs !

<pIl faut que tu prépares tes affaires le soir…

Il faut que nous prenions à gauche

Il faut + que + subject pronouns + subjunctive

  • When you want to express a need we use il faut followed by a noun.

Il faut du temps We need time.

Il faut une voiture We need a car.

If you want to make it more personal you can add a pronoun.

Il me faut du temps.

Il nous faut une voiture.

Il faut + nom


Il + pronoun + faut + nom

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