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Yes, you really CAN learn French easily

French is a difficult language, but once you get to know the most common and useful verbs, it becomes a real piece of cake to master the basics!

You can Learn French Quickly and Easily. One of these verbs is the verb… POUVOIR.

The verb ”POUVOIR” is used a lot in French and can be translated in English by:

  • to be able to
  • to can
  • to be allowed to
  • to manage to

The particularity with this verb is that is it an irregular (which means tricky conjugation), but above all: it is a powerful verb!

It will make you able to say what you can do and to ask someone to do something for you!

Asking someone to do something:

Peux-tu faire les courses? -> Can you do the grocery shopping?

Pouvez-vous me donner le pain? -> Can you give me the bread?

Saying what you can/cannot do:

Je peux vous aider. -> I can help you.

Ma soeur peut t’apprendre le francais. -> My

sister can learn to you French.

Ma fille ne peut pas sortir ce soir. -> My daugher cannot go out tonight.

Then, the verb POUVOIR is also present in a few French expressions, check these ones:

Je n’en peux plus. -> I can’t do it anymore.

Je n’y peux rien. -> It’s not my fault.

Once you get the verb POUVOIR in mind, it becomes really easy to build basic but powerful sentences! Leave us a comment using this verb 🙂

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