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What do you WANT to do tonight to improve your French?

Today, at French Lessons Australia, we are teaching you the verb

”VOULOIR”, meaning ”to want” to improve your French!

Uses of ”vouloir”

Vouloir indicates a strong will or command: “to want” or “to wish”.

Vouloir often precede an infinitive.

Eg. Nous voulons aller au restaurant. -> We want to go to the restaurant.

There is also a famous French expression which is: en vouloir à , meaning ”to be angry at”.

Eg. J’en veux à ma soeur de m’avoir pris mes chaussures. -> I am angry at my sister for having taken my shoes.


Conjugation of ”vouloir”

Vouloir is an irregular verb, so study it well as it will be really useful in your conversations!

Invite someone!

In English, when you want to invite someone you usually use the conditional: ”Would you like to…go to the restaurant tonight?”

In French, no need to use the conditional (such a relief, right?), you will use the present: ”Tu veux…aller au restaurant ce soir?”

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