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Learning New Language

Learning Something New Makes You a More Happier Person

Do you know a secret that happiness and Learning are connected? But how deeply?

How learning and happiness are connected?? How Learning Something New Makes You a More Happier Person?


That’s the fact that you will become a more happier person once you start learning something new. Blissful people are healthier, learn faster, more successful and even live longer than those who are unhappy. So, Learning French, the most popular language in the world, is not a bad idea.

Happy People’s Behaviour

Happy people are less egocentric, less aggressive, less offensive to others and less prone to illness. Happiness is just as important for a long life as a healthy diet and lifestyle. And hence, that’s a simple reason that they  have high grasping power and learn faster. One of the most persistent myths is that money makes you happy. Money does not equal to happiness.

Knowledge & Happiness Interconnected

In fact, there are many ways in which you can increase your likelihood of happiness. You only have to know what to do. And what not to do. So there is, indeed, a link between happiness and knowledge. Education & knowledge might not necessarily make you richer but a habit of learning always something new does make you better off personality.

A research found that the higher people’s level of general education the more satisfied they were with their daily life and the more worthwhile they felt”. Highly educated people get better jobs that pay more money & enjoyment. They practice healthier lifestyles and have less tension.

Learning Leads to Happiness

In a context of happiness, learning is an extent of commitment & engagement with tasks that provide knowledge and fulfillment. For people who are intensely absorbed in a task, hours pass like minutes. They may be tired by the task but emerge energized and blissful. Everybody should find the work to do that light up their life.


Whether it’s acquiring a new language or talent, optimistic & delighted personality are built upon patterns of lifelong learning. Cheerful folks are physically and emotionally healthier, more flourishing at learning and work. They are comparatively more creative, more admired, more friendly, less likely to be immoral.

Delighted folks are better in every respect. Happiness reflects your satisfaction level. When you are learning something of your interest, you are satisfied with your learning & yourself and that’s why learning makes you full of joy and gives you genuine happiness.

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