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Time to discover Sarlat in France

Traveling is the most enriching experience that unravels a world of wonders and beauty!

Every corner of the world is full of magnificent natural beauty, rich culture and local tales and flavors that make them unique and significant.

France is a country that has so much to offer to every traveller! History, nature, food, wine, crafts and arts and innumerable exotic discoveries are waiting to be explored!

Sarlat, or Sarlat-la-Caneda

It’s  a small but significant commune in south western France. It’s a medieval town that has been left unchanged and offers the ‘old world charm’ that many travellers desire. Walking through this commune is a mystical walk down 14th century France in all its preserved and flourishing ways.

The old town displays restored stone buildings and the quaint streets offer a peek into what was!

This preserved medieval town has become a ‘must visit’ place for the wonderful opportunities and sights it has in store. Let’s take a look at some of the ‘must do’ and ‘must see’ in Sarlat.

  • There are several small villages within Sarlat; each unique and beautiful. The market at Cenac Village, the view across the Dordogne from Domme Village, the castle and riverside peace at La RoqueGageac, the church and market at Perigeaux, the ancient castle and serenity of Bourdeilles, the village built by monks- Brantome, and the quaint St. Jeam de Cole. A visit to each and every village will leave you spellbound!
  • Place des Oies, a former Goose market, is now home to the best Foie Gras, a French speciality. Bronze geese at the square add to the charm!
  • Cathedral Saint Sacerdos is a marvel! It was built in the 12th century and has been reworked upon since then. The varying architectural styles give it a spectacular look.
  • Jardin public du Plantier, formerly the flower garden of the Bishop, today it is a public garden that offers peace and relaxation amongst beautiful nature.

These are just a handful of the numerous jewels you can discover in Sarlat!

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