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5 Reasons learning new Languages can boost your growth amazingly

Why You Should be Learning new Languages, especially French??

Several types of researchers claiming that French, German, Spanish, Polish and Mandarin are the best languages to learn for better career growth.  

Those who speak more than one language have a greater chance to boost their career prospects and get success in business. There are so many reasons for learning a new language. Though the core of the desire to learn a new dialect is to be able to communicate, this is no more crucial than when it comes to business and careers.

In fact, adding at least one other language to your skill set and its fluency to speak can expect an additional 20 to 30 percent pay increase. Having the desired job and a satisfactory career are two very different things. A career indicates that there’s the opportunity for progression, the chance to do always new things and take on additional responsibilities. A career could have you travel the world seeking out new ventures, or even have you moving to work in a new country

The younger generation speaks more additional languages than any other age group, but due to lack of time and time flexibility they would be deterred from learning another language in the future. Alot of professional are more likely to relocate abroad for searching new opportunities and work.  In this blog we will

In this blog we will be speaking about the effect of learning new languages can the play major role  in business and career prospects.

1. Crack the Interview of International Companies

Additional language fluency can give you a noteworthy benefit over other applicants, particularly if the company has international dealings or clients. Day after day, more companies are spreading out across the world. You will likely to find more opportunities to get hired, if you can speak other languages and work with the international organization. Once you’ve found such  new job opportunity, it’s also more likely that you will be hired for your ability to speak a foreign language and more than one language.  As per the studies,  there are more than 60% of companies who want to do business in other countries

  2. Higher remuneration:

There are a lot of benefits of being bilingual and one of the most important is you can earning more money. Candidates that speak more than one language will be offered higher monthly packages compared to the others. There are many people seeking full-time positions who simply can’t get it because of lack of ability to speak more than one language. Even if they have offered full-time job, but still they compromise with fewer wages. Knowing a foreign language can add  15% and 20% to your wage.  For higher positions, it will be extra 10% or more as a bonus.

  3. Opens up for more awesome job opportunities

If you can speak another country’s language, you open up new doors for yourself  and get the chance to  explore new opportunities across the world. Hence, learning new languages have added advantage that gives you an opportunity to explore your dreams  in other countries as well.

We make out that learning new languages would surely be beneficial in everyone’s  professional journey, but what languages are most practical and valuable to learn?French is a language that opens up the world and  the second most widely learned foreign language after English.  Even a basic knowledge of French can make the job much easier, stress-free, more enjoyable and allow you to discuss with people who likes to communicate in French.

French is one of the official (and working) languages of the United Nations (including UNESCO), the European Union, the International Olympic Committee, NATO, OECD, and the International Red Cross.  French is the international language of the theater, the visual arts, dance, architecture, haute cuisine, and fashion industry.


  4.Gain confidence:

There any countless professions that particularly favor those with additional language abilities, other than direct translation roles. Knowing a language other than the mother tongue raise your confidence level enormously. Aptitude for learning a new language of speaking  confidently both at home and abroad, making you a better candidate to countenance the globalization feature  of international companies.


  5. Outstanding multi-tasking skill sets 

Significantly knowing any new language doesn’t only mean that you can speak it as well. The process of learning an additional language involves the insides of  another culture and tradition. Learning a foreign language builds an understanding of their culture and its people, and helps employees to better interact with others. As per the research, it proves that if you have a capability to learn more than one language, it develops  your multi-tasking skills at the same time.



The majority of people who can speak a second language, speak French.  So What Exactly Will You Learn?  Well, it doesn’t have to be complicated to communicate with French speakers.  If you’re worried you’ll be stuck at a bus stop or embarrassed at a cafe when you forget what to say. That will be OK. It will be much easier to learn than you think.

If you’re all curious about the world beyond your own day-to-day routine, speaking French (or any other language besides your native tongue) can upgrade your life by increasing opportunities for career, living, travel, friendship, adventure, and love. The more languages you speak, the bigger your world becomes.

For people who want to learn the French language, but don’t have enough time to commit to traditional methods, “Online French Courses” are a good alternative – where  you practice listening and speaking in the car, from your home PC in your free time or learning online.

Online learning has made immense progress in the past several years and has become a viable alternative to more traditional forms of instruction. It’s becoming the norm for people with very little time or money to spare who still want to make progress with their learning.

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