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French Possessive Adjectives

Mon, Ta, Notre, Leur

How to understand French Possessive Adjectives Better

There are many French possessive adjectives so let’s learn them in this French lesson and make it clear and simple.

In English, you have 8 possessives : My your his her its our your and their.

In French, you have 10 more.

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How to understand French Possessive Adjectives Better?

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The French possessive adjectives are related to the noun.

They are words that say to whom or to what something belongs.

In English they are:

My Your His Her It’s Our Your (when you’re talking to more than one person) and Their.

In French, they are a few more.

You might remember that all French nouns are either masculine or feminine: As a result, all possessive adjectives in French have to agree with the gender of the noun.

Let’s put all of them in a table so you can understand clearly how it works.

Singular Plural
Masculine Feminine
In front of a consonant In front of a vowel
Singular Persons First Pers MON MA MON MES
Plurals Persons First Pers NOTRE NOS
Second Pers VOTRE VOS

You might have noticed that there’s no “its” in this table. This is because French possessive adjectives relate to the noun, and every noun has a gender.

There’s no need for the gender-neutral “its

Examples :

My Father
mon père
My mother
ma mère
His father
son père
Her mother
ma mère

She has her book.

Elle a son livre.

It’s my car.

C’est ma voiture.

Our friends come tonight.

Nos amis viennent ce soir.

My Neighbor’s’ cat ; his name is Moustache.

Le chat de ma voisine ; son chat s’appelle Moustache.

Your home is very nice.

Votre maison est très belle.

Their children are adorable.

Leurs enfants sont adorables.

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