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How to study French Online?

Each online course is provided by a professional native French tutor.

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The team behind French Lessons Australia is excited to announce that

Our Beginner Group French Class can now be accessed via ZOOM.



We’ll teach you how to crack the code and get fluent in French faster.


Unlike traditional French language courses that are organised by level of difficulty, language hacking French focuses on the language and conversations you need to master, so you can start speaking IMMEDIATELY, and not only after years of study.


For 4 WEEKS straight, this course will challenge you

To speak in real-life French conversations.




In every lesson, we’ll help you model conversations while learning hundreds of the most frequent and useful phrases in French. Furthermore, you’ll learn clever strategies that show how even a limited vocabulary can be put to good use.


And since the classes are in ZOOM and our Facebook Private Group, you can easily manage your time and be more consistent with your learnings anywhere you choose to be.


All you need is a laptop,

Internet connection

And a Can-Do Attitude.


Here, get the chance to learn with like-minded and determined learners that will motivate you to do your best.



Amelie has been teaching me French for a few weeks now, and I have to say that she makes it easy for me to understand French and I enjoy learning it with the small group, practicing, speaking correctly the way a local French would speak.

Mario Echin

I started French Lessons with Amelie late in 2012 because I was keen to expand my interests and activities. In that time I have had a lot of fun, learnt a great deal, and expanded my broader interest in all things French. Amelie is an inspiring and innovative teacher who enthusiastically engages with her students both within and beyond the classroom.

Rose Kelly

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Online French Lessons with Zoom

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