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Free French Assessment

Evaluate your present aptitude in French by going through our assessment program

Traditional French classes were based on classroom interaction and audio clippings but now the scenario has changed drastically and you can learn French through webinars, recorded classes and online modes. Classroom coaching classes are much time-consuming and you need to be physically present at the class and also read a lot of books. But when you decide on learning a foreign language like French, you need more practical and conversational methods than the ones you get in books. You can learn the theory part including writing and drafting the French language through a book but you cannot speak French efficiently by this method. Learning French will open versatile career opportunities for you and if you want to learn it completely then meet me on my online modern classroom.

How much French do you know? Just examine your skill by assessment

Those who already know French by some traditional coaching or some books need to undergo our self-assessment program for free. These French proficiency tests will help you to evaluate your French learning skill. The score of this assessment will depend upon your skills like grammar, vocabulary, construction of sentences and also on the writing task. If you think why you should sit for this assessment before joining my course, just have a look at the following points:

  • [list_item title=”The French language assessment will help you to measure your proficiency.”][list_item title=”French lessons Sydney will find your quality and weakness in French and then recommend you the right course.”][list_item title=”You can see your score and this will help you to easily identify your problems.”]
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