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How to study French Online?

Each online course is provided by a professional native French tutor.

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The content depends on your level, strengths and weaknesses and preferred teaching method.

The online French courses are structured and prepared in advance.


Monday ato Friday from 7am to 7pm


if you have any questions regarding online lessons or would like to book a first class, kindly reach out to me!CREATE A CALENDAR WHERE THEY CAN BOOK DATE AND TIME


Amelie has been teaching me French for a few weeks now, and I have to say that she makes it easy for me to understand French and I enjoy learning it with the small group, practicing, speaking correctly the way a local French would speak.

Mario Echin

I started French Lessons with Amelie late in 2012 because I was keen to expand my interests and activities. In that time I have had a lot of fun, learnt a great deal, and expanded my broader interest in all things French. Amelie is an inspiring and innovative teacher who enthusiastically engages with her students both within and beyond the classroom.

Rose Kelly

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