French Lessons For Corporate & Business

French Lessons Australia offers a course for French lessons for corporate, tailored for companies located in Brisbane.


French is one of the most popular languages, spoken by hundreds of millions across Europe, North American and other parts of the world. An ability to understand French offers and alternative view of the world but also is an invaluable asset in a professional career.

Designed to suit the needs the company, we aim at providing professional and vibrant classes to individuals or groups of employees at a time and a location that suit them.

We adopt our french lessons corporate courses according to your needs. Nothing is set, everything can be created to satisfy your expectations!

We offer French learning in the means that works the best for you! Our most advance approaches are based on your needs and mindset with lot of enjoyment. The French Lessons Australia offers audio video group learning with the right tools and in the right environment to improve your French learning experience.

When you choose French Lessons Australia, you join our Global French Learning Community through our social media network: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter! We believe in group discussions and that we all have so much to learn from each other!

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Enhancing Your French Communication Skills

This is an intensive course requiring a couple of hours a week. The goals are multiples:

Enhancing communication skills in a professional environment

Improving basics

Higher performance with clients and customers

Entertaining, yet educative, classes