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French Online For Beginners/French For Beginners Online

Course Overview
a.- You get beginner courses 1 and 2 at a reduced price of $ 99.99..- Regularly 149.98 You get
both beginner courses 1 and 2 at a reduced price of 99.99. ( Regularly 149.98 receive both
beginner courses 1 and 2 at a reduced price of 99.99.)
b.- Get both beginner courses, regularly priced at 149.98 for a reduced price of 99.99.
This offer includes an easy introduction to French or consolidating your basic knowledge with
course 1 and French course 2 where you will learn new vocabulary for many different topics
and improve your grasp of French grammar.
Following the course step by step, you can quickly gain an understanding of the most important
ideas, the dialogues will introduce you to new tenses, and you’ll learn how to use the French
language in various daily life situations.
Learn French step by step. A light introduction to French vocabulary, grammar, and practical
use of the French language in daily life situations. Concise and entertaining.
A Different Way of Learning
With our new and potent technology and communication tools such as the computer, Internet,
Social Media, and online communities, we can reach effortlessly across the globe in full
multimedia, opening the door to effective and innovative teaching and learning methodologies.
Understanding that conventional education, such as universities, no longer works for everyone, I
have successfully innovated the established educational models focusing on effective French
communication. Centered around listening and learning while simultaneously cultivating your
mindset to simplify and make the learning experience pleasurable.

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