French Classes for Adults

Our French classes are fun, interactive and provide with you with proven learning tools  that improve your retention and boost conversational confidence.  These easy habits combined with our innovative teaching approach and small class sizes create a friendly, supportive environment for learning and speaking the most romantic language in the world.

French is one of the most popular languages, spoken by hundreds of millions across Europe, North American and other parts of the world. An ability to understand French offers and alternative view of the world but also is an invaluable asset in a professional career.


Beginner French Intensive – $460

Early Bird Registration $349 until November 15, 2017
Early Registration $395 until December 15, 2017

Next Class Begins January 15, 2018

  •  Monday 6pm to 8pm for 10 weeks
  • 8 students per class
  • Easy method to follow. Interesting Topics
  • Monitor progress great Support
  • 10 modules; 10 most useful topics to learn



Beginner French Standard- $240

Next Class Begins January 16, 2018

  • Tuesday 6pm to 7pm  for 5 weeks;
  • Basic in French important sentences vocabulary in context
  • 5 different modules
  • 8 students only per class

Our duties:

Beginner, intermediate, advanced

Interactive exercises, video, audio, games

Great and practical topics

Learning French the easy way